The more claims you make from faucets, the more entries you earn in the Weekly Lottery.
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Bitcoin Faucetlist

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Faucet Name Reward Timer
Crypto Bee$0.001 4 minsClaim
MyFaucetList BTC$0.001 4 minsClaim
earn Fast$0.0009 5 minsClaim
freebits$0.0008 4 minsClaim
Box Coin$0.0008 5 minsClaim
Btc4Cash$0.0005 5 minsClaim
Faucet Star$0.0005 5 minsClaim
BTC Coin 2020$0.0005 60 minsClaim
tryingbitcoin$0.0005 4 minsClaim
BITCOIN premium$0.0005 4 minsClaim
Hog Faucet$0.0005 5 minsClaim
sparta$0.0005 4 minsClaim
Get-Bonus-click-here$0.0005 5 minsClaim